Sahand Havasaz, the manufacturer, designer, and supplier of all kinds of air handling units, types of humidifiers (fog maker, nebulizer, water sprayer) heaters, industrial heaters, jet heater (heater jet, jet heater, gas heater, gasoline heater, and dual-fuel heater), hot air furnace (stoves standing heater burning of warm weather furnace), missile heather, a variety of custom heaters (warm air furnaces, stove and workshop heaters, heaters for mushrooms house, chicken house and greenhouse, etc.), unit heaters, fans, axial fans, centrifugal fans and blowers, fan and ventilator 140, poultry fan and ventilator, greenhouse’s circulation fan and ventilator, hot water boilers, boilers and industrial coolers, air conditioner, chiller, etc. supplied the products relying the 18-year experience, with the best quality and highest standards, due to the 18-year experience. The 15-month warranty through the letter of warranty and after-sale service is indicative of the quality of the products.
Sahand Havasaz Company (subsidiary of Unar Demir Industrial Company) as the manufacturer of air units, humidifiers, mist maker and mist sprayer, ceiling and ground heaters (jet), boiler, ventilation fans and blowers, temperature humidity and time control equipment, provides the products with the best quality and highest standards, due to the 18-year experience. The 15-month warranty through the letter of warranty and after-sale service is indicative of the quality of the products.

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Sahand Havasaz products with the latest required industrial standards are appropriate for use in the salons mushroom production, poultry farms, greenhouses, cold storage, fruit storage halls and all places and spaces that needing moisture set up and control.
Air units, heaters, humidifiers (nebulizer and mist makers), boilers, fans, ventilators and other products produced by Sahand Havasaz has a variety of models, size, fuel type, application and power to fit your needs. Download pdf and word Catalog and picture posters of Sahand Havasaz products, download technical specifications products of Sahand Havasaz as the manufacturer and supplier of air humidifier (mist maker and sprayer) air conditioner device, industrial air cooler, industrial water-straw-air cooler, the types of heater, Unit Heater , warm air furnaces, heater jet, workshop fireplace, boiler, hot water boilers, industrial ventilation fans, axial fans and centrifugal fan, fan pressure, circulation fans, jet fans, industrial dampers and pads, etc.

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From now, you may follow up the status of your order and services online and on spot (at the top of menu). The status of your order will be informed to you in all stages of work and you may be informed of the production and shipment status of your ordered goods in all times of day. After registering the order, the information of your order will be sent to you through SMS. If you are not informed of your customer’s code and order number, please contact the sales department. Sahand Havasaz Company; believing in customer orientation, tries to accompany the customers, providing different solution in all stages. Our credit depends on the customers’ satisfaction. We hope that this innovation in the industry of the country satisfies the customers.
After-sales service and warranty
All products include a variety of humidifiers air Sahand (mist, fog maker) Equipment air conditioner, boiler, industrial fans, ventilation fans with 15 months warranty with warranty card.
Backed by years of experience Sahand air quality standard guarantees heating and cooling products. As well as after-sales service clients across the country through resellers or direct contact with the technical support unit carried. Sahand air across Iran accepts active representation.

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کولر, کولر صنعتی, کولر کارگاهی, فن, هواکش, هوا کش, فن کولر, هواکش کولر, فن صنعتی, هواکش صنعتی, خنک کننده, کولر خنک کننده, خنک کننده صنعتی, فن خنک کننده, فن کولر, کولر فن, هوا خنک, هوای خنک, کولر خنک offered product: Jet heater (jet heater ceiling heater wharf)

- Heather jet heater ceiling heater jet heater
- In three jet heater gas, gasoline, jet heater and dual jet heater
- Each has three simple jet heater, chimney with (the engine) and the exhaust of (the engine)
- Low-jet heater heater high-efficiency jet
- Stainless steel body jet heater
- With four hooks for jet heater installed on the ceiling
- High heat and good wharf heater
- Jet heater is very suitable for mushroom cultivation halls and theaters poultry farms
- 15 month warranty heater wharf with sheet Guarantee
- after sales service
فن 140, فن ۱۴۰, فن ١٤٠, هواکش 140, هواکش ۱۴۰, هواکش ١٤٠, فن140, فن۱۴۰, فن١٤٠, هواکش140, هواکش۱۴۰, هواکش١٤٠, هوا کش140, هوا کش۱۴۰, هوا کش١٤٠, هوا کش 140, هوا کش۱۴۰ , هوا کش١٤٠, فن و هواکش, فن و هوا کش 140 fans poultry and cattle
- Fan 140 * 140 poultry and cattle
- Fans on a scale of 100, 120 and 140 cm
- Fans 140, 120 ventilators, fan 100
- 140 140 proper ventilation fan poultry and cattle
- Adequate ventilation hall poultry and poultry industries
- 15 month warranty with warranty card
- After sales service
- Industrial conditioners
- A similar product: Industrial conditioners